Am I Attracting Problems?

Hi, I’m Alena Chapman, founder of Soul Manifesto. I hear this all the time: “Alena, if I create everything, why am I so stuck? And so unhappy?” I hear that a lot.

Okay, so what they’re asking about is the Law of Attraction.

I’m reminded of an old story from India about the wishing tree. This person goes out, and he’s in the desert. And he’s just so thirsty and so tired. He sees this tree in the distance, a beautiful tree, and thinks, “if I just lay down under this tree, I can get myself feeling a little bit better. I’m so tired.” So he walks up and sits down under the tree. Soon afterward, he says to himself, “Oh, I am so thirsty. I wish I had something to drink.” He gets something to drink. Then he says, “Oh, I wish now that I had some food.” A whole buffet appears. So as he’s munching away, he says, “Oh, I wish I had somebody to share this with…” and a beautiful woman appears. Then he says, “Wait a minute, what’s happening? This is a witch tree. Oh my gosh, it’s going to haunt me.” And poof! Ghosts start appearing! Because he wished for it. He didn’t mean to put himself in a scary situation but his fear took over and the wishing tree just did what a wishing tree does.

This is the thing: We are co-creating every breath we take, and it’s the decisions we make everyday that represent our freedom of choice. The universe will say, “Oh, well, this person wants a happy life.” But then you choose things that are not happy. You choose things that are a struggle, or the harder road, or you choose to take those painful experiences of life, and keep repeating it over and over and over. And that’s our choice. We choose which way we want to go every day of our life, actually, almost every minute, every second—we choose what vibration we want to be on. Meaning, we choose if we want to be happy, and go for our goals and look for the opportunities, and go where we think we’ll find more opportunities…Or we can be on that vibration of “I’m worried about the future. I’m worried about this and that, oh my gosh, I’ve got to go to this job I hate, I’m so tired of this, and I’m so sick of that…” And just by saying it, we have chosen that road. But you can change it at any time. And if you are so unhappy, then start to become aware of how the mindset you would be in if you were where you wanted to be in life. And start creating those feelings for yourself NOW! Change the conversation you are having with the Universe about the quality of your life. Send out the emotional pulse of loving your life, and get excited for the things you WANT the Universe to say YES to!

It’s The Law of Polarity, too.

You know, it takes really, really happy and really, really fearful are really on the same exact, they’re the same. They’re just the extreme opposites. There are many little vibrations all the way through, you know, and so pick one. Maybe, maybe one day, you want to think, alright, maybe I’m going to try something different for lunch, I’m going to go out and I’m going to meditate, or I’m going to take a walk in nature, I’m going to listen to a YouTube video that really gets me going in a happy mood, I’m going to maybe watch something funny, or I’m going to watch something insightful, or I’m going to read a quote, that I really love and try to live by it. Just little increments, just keep moving it up. And before you know it, you will have a happy life. But it takes more than just wanting it. You have to want it, and then take steps forward into it. Wanting it, but staying put, and just thinking it’s going to magically appear, or making choices that don’t help it—Well, then that’s what you’ll have to show for it.

Don’t be that man under the tree, who has this tree that will give him everything (so will the Universe)— But he is scared of it. And so he wishes ill and that’s what he gets: he gets ghosts. You don’t want ghosts. You don’t want the things that make you unhappy. Stop focusing on them.

There was a time in my life when we were having severe problems in the family. And it was because somebody was forcing a terrible thing upon us. I used to call it The Twilight Zone. It wasn’t safe to trust. I had to stop and say, “Wait a minute, I’m not falling for this. This isn’t where I want to live. This is not my life. I’m not gonna let somebody drag me into that.” And I chose to reflect on what’s important to me. I asked myself, “What do I want to create?” And then I started doing it. And it was, I wanted to pull my family together. I wanted to create an environment of love, support, and happiness. I wanted my kids to know they were safe. They were little then. And so that’s what I focused on.

I created happy moments, fun moments, and we would take little day vacations on the weekends, and I’d leave little messages in their knapsacks during the week. The more I did for them, the more it made me happy. We’d have pizza parties on Friday night under our blanket cave, watching a movie. You know, it was just for fun. And you know what? That other painful world was still there. I dealt with it when I had to, but I didn’t live in it. Do you see how my world was what I was creating?

You can do it too, but you have to get yourself going. If you want help getting yourself going, then we really do have things for you at Soul Manifesto. We really do. Take a look at the page; And I think don’t miss out on joining Inevitable U— a transformative week-long intensive that would be a MASSIVE head start for beginning to manifest a life you love. Take a look at that because it features some of the best leaders and incredible coaches. I really assembled the very best to help you see a different way, so that you can start designing your life. In fact, that’s why it was created. You can start designing the life you want and having the mindset to do it. Isn’t that cool?

Remember guys, Spirit is love. And the more we can celebrate that love, the more we have Spirit with us. Love you all. Namaste. Stay connected and start living the life you want to design. And let me know if I can help.

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