Are You Open To Receiving Signs From The Universe?

“Am I where I’m supposed to be in life?” “How do I know if I’m on the right track?” “Am I moving closer or further away from my goals?” These are three variations of the MOST common question that I hear from my new clients, see in my comments on social media,  and find in my inbox at

Sometimes we just need a sign, you know? Some sort of divine indication that we are not alone, that we are on the right path, and that we are being watched over. Would you love to receive a sign from the Universe that helped you make a big decision, or helped you avoid making a big mistake?

Then watch this week’s episode…

Because I want to tell you more about how and why the Universe is ALWAYS attempting to communicate with you. You don’t need to “wait for a sign,” because the Universe is constantly trying to communicate with you in ways that might catch your attention.

You may be thinking, “Yeah right, why would the Universe be so interested in just me when there is a whole planet full of people.” I used to think the same thing. I had a hard time believing that any type of divine presence would have the time to concern themselves with my life. But I was wrong. Because each and every one of us is connected and we each have our own ability to cultivate very personal and unique relationships with our angels, or the Universe, or nature, or the God of our understanding—Or whatever concept of a higher power makes the most sense to you. 

Some people see signs from the Universe in numbers, and the Universe knows that numbers will reach these people and so that is how the Universe communicates with them. For me, I see my signs in music and nature because music and nature are two things that stand out for me, and so the Universe uses music and nature to get my attention. 

How does the Universe choose to communicate with you?

I would seriously love to know where you find your signs from the Universe. If you aren’t sure where the signs come from, or where to look for signs, join me for today’s episode! I share a couple of amazing stories, such as how a swarm of wasps managed to warn me that someone was going to try to break into my home…and it may get you thinking differently about how you interpret the world around you! 

The Universe is FOR you, and when you identify the unique way the Universe is trying to communicate with you, you’re going to be amazed at how it never steers you wrong. It’s all love, and there’s nothing to fear. It is safe to open yourself up to the signs of the Universe. The signs are all from Spirit, and Spirit is all love. Namaste Watch the episode to learn more now!

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