Fun Is Important To The Health Of Your Community

Do you value fun? I know as kids most of us took playtime very seriously! It was necessary to our growth, development, and overall happiness that we made time to be silly, go exploring, laugh with friends, and just be in our own little world. So what changed? We grew up, yes. We have adult responsibilities now, yes. But does that mean having fun is no longer valuable? Is your growth, development, and overall happiness less important, now that you are an adult? Of course not! As spiritual beings, here on Earth having a human experience, we are never done growing. There are always more ways to continue to develop our senses and expand our perspectives. That is what we are here to do, to grow, to create and to experience joy whenever possible!

That is what this week’s Soul Manifesto episode is all about; creating more opportunities for yourself to have fun throughout your day.

Maybe having fun came more naturally to some of us when we were children. Many of us have since endured painful and even traumatic experiences, and that can leave behind a heaviness in the heart. It can cast a shadow over our day-to-day experiences, and that’s okay. No one is expected to float through life, lighter than air, all day everyday. That is an unrealistic expectation for happiness, but we don’t have to wait for all the circumstances of our lives to line up exactly with our expectations before we allow ourselves to have some fun. In fact, we have a responsibility to ourselves to create our own fun! Fun is still vital for our growth, development, and personal sense of well-being. 

What do you think is fun? It could be curling up with a good book. It could be taking a nature walk. Maybe, you love to cook. Maybe you love to fish, or try new restaurants, or chat with your best friends, or watch reruns of your favorite show! Whatever it is, as adults, we get into this habit of labeling the things we enjoy doing most as ‘a waste of time.’ It’s in that state of mind that we forget that we are more than flesh and bone just trying to survive. We are spiritual beings, who are here to create, here to experience, here to enjoy making connections with other beings. 

Have you ever felt surprised that you had fun, because something delightful and unexpected happened? What if you could have that moment of delight everyday? You can! Don’t wait around for fun to find you. Schedule your fun with the same importance you schedule your obligations and responsibilities! 

Life is short, and if you feel like you are too busy to have fun then you REALLY need to give yourself this gift of scheduling regular playtime; free time for even just ten minutes to rock out to your favorite band, or call up your favorite person, or stroll over to the coffee shop to get your favorite latte. When we give ourselves these small tokens of affection, it replenishes our energy, awakens our drive, and stokes our creative fire! What aspect of our lives cannot be served by these amazing benefits? The essence of the human spirit is playful, and it thrives on connection. The enthusiastic energy of fun creates connection, strengthens bonds, and heals old wounds. And it works both in our personal lives, as well as professional! Delight your spirit with the intention of having fun as much as possible, and your connection with others will flourish, your sense of well-being will expand, and your creativity will catch fire! Watch the episode to learn more! Namaste

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