How Nature Helps Us Feel Connected

Today someone asked me a question: Why do we need to be out in nature?
I always say that nature is a great place to connect. If you’re really having trouble with meditation, get out into nature, and if you really focus on where you are, and feeling the trees, and feeling the breeze, and listening to nature’s symphony, that can help get you into a meditative state. So that’s really good, but then it’s also life. Nature is life. And when you are out in that nature, it teaches us more and more about how connected we all are. It is very important for us to connect to something other than our homes, and our office space. The Western world is becoming more and more accustomed to staying inside. I see it with my kids. I see it with my youngest who is 16; his whole class, his whole generation loves to be inside on the computer. But the thing is, that’s not life. The internet isn’t living or breathing. It’s not alive, and it’s not something that you can feel deeply connected to. It’s not something that you can open yourself up around. And most of my own evolutions of myself—the little miracles, they all happened outside.

I remember one time I had to go to Arrowhead California. I was speaking in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. And it was a long haul. Then my friend said, “You’ve got to go to Arrowhead. There’s someone I want you to meet.” Okay, fine. So I drove to Arrowhead. I was exhausted, but I went to bed early. I got up early the next morning, and I went on a hike. It was so beautiful…

I call this my Snow White story, by the way.

I walked up the mountain, and I encountered some sequoias. There was a nest of three sequoias, and they were in a sort of a triangle that was just perfect for me to nestle in and do a meditation. So I sat in between these incredible, massive trees, and I did this wonderful little meditation. And when I am done, I open my eyes and there are two little sparrows right there in front of me. So I said, “Well, hello guys…” and they didn’t seem to move so I got up and I said, “Well, I’m gonna walk down the mountain now. If you want, you can join me.” You know, I was just talking to them, because they were sitting right there in front of me. Why wouldn’t I, right? Well, these little birds— I am not kidding, they hopped down in front of me. They were hopping down the mountain. No kidding. And then we got to a rock—I had passed it on the way up and this time the sun was shining directly on it. It was like a flat rock that I could just lay on, and I was tired so I thought, I’m just going to sit and sunbathe here a moment. So I sat down on that rock and laid back, and I ended up falling asleep. The two little birds stopped with me. When I woke, around me there was a fox, rabbits, and more birds. I thought, “Are you serious?” All around my little rock, all coming to investigate the stranger who fell asleep on the rock. Yeah, that’s why I call it my Snow White story.

Now, if I’m sitting at home and stuck in front of a computer, and maybe I’m even listening to something on YouTube about spirituality—That is still nothing, absolutely nothing like being out there in nature and having something happen that just makes you open your eyes and feel like all life wants is to feel connected. We’re all one. That’s why I say get out of the house. Get into nature. And start opening your eyes to the little bit of magic that is the very coolness of our world. When we connect with what is living, we start to experience living. And that’s where our true growth lies. And that’s why I always say all the time, get out there. Can’t meditate? Get out there. So I’m gonna say it to YOU— Get out there, my friend. Get out there and experience. Now not every time I go out in nature do I experience miracles. Sometimes it’s just peaceful. I can breathe, I get my centeredness. I get my whole self together. And I just feel at ease. And really happy. That’s worth gold to you.

Remember, folks, Spirit is love and when we open ourselves to the beauty of the creation of this earth, and all of its life—that’s all Spirit in the present; spirit in its most lively form. If I can help you in any of your quests, if you feel stuck in life, or if you are not happy with being guided by that ego, or by that critical mind, then check out Soul Manifesto. Check out the new website and go to the comments and say, “Hey, Alena, I want to learn more.” I’m here. I’m here for you. That’s why I’m here. As always guys, enjoy and namaste. Stay connected. Bye Bye now.

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