How To Attract More Money Into Your Life

Does money make the world go round? No, but energy does! And money IS energy. So have you ever asked yourself, “What kind of energy am I putting towards money?”

You may be thinking of all the energy you put into your work, and yes, that is important. But that isn’t what I mean. I’m talking about the energy your attitude toward money is putting out into the Universe. 

Money is neither good nor bad. Money is neither hard nor easy to make. But when we continually affirm to ourselves that, “Money is so hard to make, money is so hard to save, I never have enough money, I can’t afford this, I’ll never be able to afford that,” the  Universe responds in the same way it always responds. The Universe says, “yes.”

So how do we change our thinking and the quality of the energy we put out in the world when it comes to money?

I have three simple tools for you.

1. Make a Goal Card.

Okay, so when I wanted to become a bestselling author, I really wasn’t sure where to begin. I had an idea for my book, and that’s really all I started out with. But I did create a goal card. I used heavy card stock, cut them into a size I could slide into my wallet, and I wrote on one: I am a bestselling author. I kept it with me everywhere I carried my wallet, and I read it at least two times a day. Seeing my goal card every day, and reaffirming my goal over and over to myself, was a great way to raise the vibrations of my energy around my own ability to become a bestselling author. It helped me not get so discouraged as I went through the difficult process of writing and publishing my book. What are you going to write on your goal card? Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, word it as though it’s already happened. Don’t say “I want to make a million dollars.” Say, “I made a million dollars.” Or, “I’m a millionaire.” Don’t say, “I want to become a successful business owner.” Say, “I am a successful business owner.” Bring power to the present moment by calling your goal into reality. When I talk about this powerful practice, I always think about the anecdote about the maple tree. It states that when the seed of a maple tree is planted it doesn’t say to itself, “I am but a tiny seed.” Instead, it says to itself, “I am a maple tree.” And even though to the outside world it’s just a tiny seed, and then just a few sprigs of leaves no bigger than a weed…eventually it becomes a maple tree. Because it always was a maple tree. Always. No matter what the world could see. 

2. Record Your Affirmations  

Studies have shown for decades that the power of positive affirmations can do wonders for shifting our attitudes towards ourselves and our possibilities, but more recent studies have proven that when you hear those affirmations in your own voice, they become even more effective! Use your phone, or download an app that allows you to record your voice. Choose a couple of key statements that are phrased as though the desired outcome has already been achieved, and record yourself saying them. Don’t just read them off the paper like a robot. Put emotion into them! Feel it as if it were true, and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for going after your dreams, and doing your best. 

3. Finally but most powerful, Use Visualization 

Visualization is the most powerful way to communicate to the Universe about what we want in our lives. Set aside time every day, even if it’s just 5 minutes, and visualize yourself living the life you want having accomplished your goals. Visualize how you would dress, how you would move, how you would talk…and here’s the most important element of visualization: Allow yourself to experience the emotions you will feel once you’ve accomplished your goals. Seeing it all in your mind is like building a rocket ship, and feeling the emotions is the rocket fuel that blasts the idea up into orbit. Give the Universe something GREAT to say YES to!

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