How to Bring Balance Back in Your Life

Hello, I’m Alena, and I think today’s topic is going to create so much interest for you because it’s something we so need…and yet we always put it on the backburner. Why do we do that? 

The things we need, we always say, “I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait…” And I’m talking about this because I had to do this just recently. Because life can turn into a tornado before we know it. You know, stuff happens. And all of a sudden, people want you to start doing things or you need to start doing things, or schedules go crazy, whatever it is, and you can get caught in that tornado, and get your head so boggled, and get so tired until your internal cup just drains down to nothing. 

And then we start feeling yuck. And we start getting impatient. And we start to get snappy, and we start to feel deprived. And it’s just not fun. We need a vacation. Am I right? It just happens. So how do we create the balance before that tornado takes over? Or when that tornado is hitting— how do we keep that balance? And that’s what I had to learn. 

My life took a total tornado turn when my mom started getting really sick. And then when she passed, I was the one who was left to do everything. I didn’t expect that totally. And so my life then turned into this crazy world of doing my work, caring for my kids, dealing with my mom’s estates, settling up everything with everyone…How do you do that? How do you create your balance with so much chaos? 

Well, I couldn’t balance it all. I made it through about one week of that, and I decided to start having a schedule to take care of me again, and I think it’s working very well, so maybe you might want to try this. 

Schedule Meditations. 

I like to do meditation when I first get up. It’s more of a gratitude meditation in my bed before I even set my feet on the floor. And then when I get up, I feel good. You know what I mean? There’s not a care in the world. And it just feels good. And then I get my son off to school. I also have another meditation scheduled at about three or four o’clock to give myself a little refresher. And at night, I’m getting back into my own exercise routine.

Schedule Exercise. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to do a little dancing in the house to bring up my energy and renew myself. I take walks in nature. We have to create a balance for ourselves. For me, I need time, I need time for the meditations, I need to get myself centered again. And I need to feel that incredible peace and to download anything that Spirit wants to tell me. But if my mind is all in a jitter, and I’m thinking all the time, it doesn’t have room to do that. So my balance was out of whack.

And it’s so easy for us. Because let’s face it, we want to help.  We want to help our kids. We want to be really good at our job. We want to be there for people. But sometimes that can push us past the limit, and we have to pull back in. We need to fill our cup. And it’s great when life is rosy and nice, and you can stop and have your tea. Those are the times you cherish. You can go to your yoga class, and then go have tea with your friends. Or you can go to lunch with all your other friends, or you can go for that golf time and, and then have a nice, leisurely day at the golf course. Those are all wonderful, nurturing ways to love yourself. And those are great things to keep. And we should never feel guilty for doing that. Because that’s what keeps us healthy. But when that tornado hits, we have to then recalculate and think, “Okay, how do I get those necessities? Those things that keep me sane, so that I can sleep at night.”  And for me, it is meditation. For me, it is music in the car. I turn off the news, I put on music, and I put on something that’s soothing or something that is uplifting or spiritual.  

The more I keep myself centered, then I am less likely to react in a negative way. Or to panic, or to have those painful or difficult thoughts racing in my head. When I feel balanced and even happy— then I can deal with the hold-ups or the challenges or the people not being so nice. You can’t feel guilty for saying “Me first,” when difficult times roll your way because everything goes much smoother when you have taken care of your own needs first. And that’s important. When life is throwing you lemons, to heck with the lemonade. It’s up to us to make the lemon meringue pie. And we do that by creating the balance we want to have in our life. But it’s up to us to do it. To schedule time to give ourselves those little treats, or moments of surrender, or opportunities to relax.

Where is your life like a tornado? 

Ask yourself: How can I get balance back into my life? And how can I balance all my different worlds? The answer is by scheduling time for your own needs, just like I am with my meditations.

Try it, and if you can, leave me a comment about how you create that balance in your life. I would love to hear your stories. I really would. So please once you do that this week, would you send me something at Soul Manifesto, or just comment below this blog? I would love that. I would love to hear how you’re creating that peace, that balance that fills your cup in life.

Thank you for joining me today. I look forward to our chats. Remember Spirit is love, and when we keep ourselves centered, and nourish ourselves when we need it, and listen to ourselves when we need to listen, then we open ourselves up to being guided more and more by Spirit and not just by the busyness in our head. And that is love. 

I love you all. Make it a wonderful week of balance. Namaste.

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