How to Connect to Your Soul

Why do I want to connect to my soul and how do I do it? 

Alright, so what is our soul? Our soul is the energy inside. It’s the energy we carry with us. Now, I know some people don’t even believe that much. Some people believe it’s just energy. Some believe it’s nothing. And that’s fine. Whatever floats your boat. That’s what you live by. That’s your truth. That’s what it is. But here’s the thing: People have been trying, meaning scientists, have been trying to define the soul. The church has tried to define the soul and even they haven’t been very successful. So they kind of talk about it, but in a rather vague way. Now, I think it was in the early 1900s they found that when people passed over, out of the six people who they used for the study, 100% of the six people, which in science is like— wow— they all lost exactly 21 grams. Now that intrigued science. And forever since that time, science has been looking for the answer to the question— What is the soul? Because they know there’s something in us. 

Our Cells Literally Glow, and Science Can’t Explain Why.

Recently, I had an interview with Dr. Vargas on my Magical Moments show and Dr. Vargas said that he had just read that each cell has a little vortex of energy inside, and that energy vibrates. When I talk about vibration, I’m not kidding! All the cells do it, and they do it at the same frequency. And when they do that creates the vibration we live on. Well, It turns out that those little vortexes don’t only just vibrate, but they have light, that each cell actually lights up. So I thought well, is it the synapses connection? Because a synapse is electrical and moves through nerve endings. Is it somehow lighting up everything? And I was told no, it was actually in the vortex of each cell. We have something like a million trillion cells in us. That’s incredible. And when we are very upset or depressed, that light dims! Interesting, isn’t it? 

I know that the soul is in us, around us, and it is ours. It is us. I also know that the soul, when we live more by our soul, when we connect to our soul, that it’s higher consciousness. And it can connect easily when we want it to when we can get past our blocks, our dogmas, and the things we were told about ourselves that are not true. All the stuff that is like the pollution in us. When we get past that, and we allow the soul to just take us, well, then we are in divinity, and we can connect to divinity. 

Connecting to your soul and living by your soul creates this incredible peace. I tend to be a joyous person, and that’s because I live by my soul. I have a strong inner core of peace. And it grows bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. I didn’t always have that. When I was following what everybody else said, and they were putting me on that treadmill, or that hamster wheel, I was not peaceful. I was not. It was hectic. I was running from one crisis to another like a pinball machine. And that’s how people live. But now, when I connect to my soul, I have a profound peace inside, and this incredible knowing that everything is going to be fine. And that life is happening for me, not to me. And I always hear that incredible voice, a loving voice. I don’t hear that big, giant, critical ego very much anymore. You know, it’s very subdued. It’s still there. Of course, it’s still there, but it is not active. And instead, I hear my voice, my inner voice, my strong loving inner voice. My soul and it says “Hello, Alena, I’m here.” Or “Hey, Alena, give it a try. Go for it.” It’s an experience. Love it, enjoy it and see what comes of it.  The voice of our inner peace and higher knowing is much different than the loud voice that comes in and says, “Oh, you can’t do that. Are you crazy?” So living by your soul has many, many, many advantages.

So, How Do You Connect with Your Soul? 

You unpollute yourself and your world. It’s that simple. And you come to know who you are, and you’ll be met with a wonderful acceptance. And that’s when you see yourself bloom bigger, into the soul. Now, that’s a very simple definition. But it’s the truth. Nothing in life is that hard. We make it complex. 
It’s time for us to start waking up our souls again. It’s time for us to just be able to breathe and be happy and have peace and knowledge and guidance from something so incredible and already within us. I hope that answers your question. And I look forward to meeting all of you. But if you are interested in this, then contact me go to We have a contact page. Just say, “Hey Alena, I want to connect to my soul.” And just go ahead and put your name in there and I will respond. And won’t that be fun? Remember, Spirit is love. And the more we learn how to live in that love of ourselves, of our world, of other people, of this planet— Then we are living by our soul and with Spirit. Namaste everyone. And of course, if you want to learn about How to live this incredible life by yourself. Let me know. 

For now, have a fantastic day and Namaste my dears, Namaste. Bye, bye.

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