How To Reset Yourself When You’re Having A Hard Day

Having a Rough Day? Just Break the Negative Energy Cycle

I think we’ve all had those terrible days when we seem only to be tumbling from one to another disaster; when everything needs doing and nothing seems to get done. Have you noticed how when things start to go wrong they seem to keep going wrong? If any of this had you nodding in agreement, then I think I can help. Let me just explain how to reset a day that’s going badly; how you can change it for the better from that point on. Watch this.

Break the negative energy.

Let me give you an example of a really bad day I was having not very long ago. I am trying to settle the estate of my mother who passed away recently. I am wondering what to do with all the stuff that I saw all around. At the same time, I have a business to run. I’m trying to delegate or get some information, but I may as well be speaking a foreign language for all the impact I seem to have. And just for extra fun, my car breaks down so I cannot even get from A to B!

These are some of the days when you feel like you’re either sinking into quicksand or trying to climb a really difficult mountain with bad knees. You want to throw in the towel because nothing seems to go your way. I know that feeling, I know that energy and spirituality. I also know that left to itself, that one bad day becomes two awful days and then three ghastly days! At some point, you have to hit the Reset button. And all of us – you and me and everything and everyone around – are made up of energy. So to reset, you need to break that energy.

Reset yourself.

I recently came across a study about the energy of our cells; how when we are happy, balanced, and vibrant, the cells in our body light up. There are some people who light up a room just by entering it – they embody health and light and irradiate positive energy. You can do this for yourself! You do this by breaking the energy that seems to be hurtling from one to another disaster. Your course is correct. Much like a computer, you shut off and reboot.

How do you do that? For me, music works brilliantly. Remember that ghastly day I was having? Well, the first thing I did was take a step back to take the time to breathe, really breathe. So I center myself and decide what needs doing first – get the car repaired. Once that happens, I decide to just switch on the music and really sing out loud with it. Once I break that energy, I am in control again!

Over the years, I have discovered ways in which I reset my own inner workings to rescue a rough day – such as dealing with a confrontation in office.  Here as well, you break the energy – it could be as simple as taking a bathroom break. You just have to discover what works for you. Listen in to know what I do to reset my energy and how you can do this for yourself.

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