Learning How To Just Breathe

I recently lost my mother. The loss of a loved one is always difficult to deal with, but I found that I had to deal with that and a lot else besides. There was a house to sell and I was running around managing the estate while at the same time dealing with the kids, the cat, and dogs. Plus there were things to be distributed among family members and other things to donate, sell and dispose of. It got crazy and really mind-boggling there for a while. So how do you deal with a situation like this? Watch this to know how.

Just breathe!

When the room gets too nutty, leave the room for a bit. Take a second and just breathe – this is what feels good. There are some mantras that I repeat to myself when it all gets too much to deal with. I tell myself this too shall pass, it’s going to be fine. When I’ve taken this time out for myself, I give myself the time to center myself, to calm down, and collect myself. You’re also giving yourself the physical distance from your problems, and that gives you perspective! I describe the entire process in this short video – I recommend you check it out!

When I do just breathe, I come back to myself and I inhabit my body more fully. Suddenly the situation isn’t as overwhelming and intimidating. It appears far more manageable and I am now able to make sense of the chaos. I am able to think of the logical order in which things need to go. I have clarity of mind. Most importantly, I find that this unlocks my creativity. Suddenly the ideas come rushing in and I find that all those problems have solutions after all.

Your body and your mind needs you to just breathe.

If you notice, your breath comes faster and shallower when you’re feeling stressed. It’s that fight or flight response being triggered right there. This has a dual impact — on the mind and the body. Your system is getting less oxygen, impeding some of the body’s processes because it’s a form of malnourishment, after all.

When you step away from a difficult situation, literally and figuratively, you’re giving yourself time and space. When you breathe deeply, mindfully, you find that you’re steadying your nerves and triggering your relaxation response. You’ve tapped into your inner reserves of energy and strength — into that vastness within! The breathing is actually giving your body access to more oxygen and suddenly you have energy and clarity. It is no accident that you’re now feeling better equipped to handle the situation because this whole process has stimulated the creative process. You are now thinking clearly and you’re streamlining your processes to handle the situation more effectively.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a step back and just breathe. Check out this short video where I take you through the process step by step. You can check out my Inevitable U program or my website soulmanifesto.com where I invite you to take your inward journey and turn on your magic. 

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