Overcome Fear to Become Strong & Confident

How to Acknowledge and Overcome Your Fears – In Three Easy Steps

Have you ever had just a great connection with someone but were afraid to ask them out? Or did you ever have a great business idea but were terrified that it wouldn’t work and you could end up losing everything? We all have our fears. Fears can be paralyzing and debilitating. They can prevent us from being happy, confident, and successful. They keep us from living our best lives. How can you overcome these fears, and embrace the happiness and success you were meant to have? Here’s how!

The many types of fear.

The fear of failure is perhaps the most common kind of fear. For instance, so many people work jobs that they hate. Maybe this is for no reason other than the fact that they are scared of what would happen if they left that job? Someone who has a great business idea may be afraid to run with it because they are scared about financing or the possibility of something going wrong. Much of this comes from the simple fear of stepping outside of our comfort zones – better the devil we know than the devil we don’t, right? But is it really worth being in a job, or a relationship, or a place that one doesn’t like just because of that?

Another type of fear is the fear of loneliness. The need for security is such that it can keep us locked in toxic situations even when being alone would make us healthier and happier. And then there is also the fear of success. We are afraid even when things are going well. Even when you’re in a good place and doing well for yourself, there could be this nagging fear that things could just go wrong. So yes, we all have our fears. We are fearful as children. Those fears don’t go away when we become adults, they just become different fears.

Three ways to conquer fear.

Fear restricts our ability to think and it hampers clarity. We imagine pitfalls that aren’t realistic, we think up scenarios that are fanciful. Our fears actively dictate the decisions we make for our family, at work, with kids, and even in our relationships. Sometimes we just remain trapped in our comfort zones because it is something we know and are familiar with. Even if the status quo isn’t that great, there is always the apprehension that the unknown could be infinitely worse!

In this short video, I tell you about an incident with my middle son — a practical demonstration of the sort of fears kids have and how I helped him overcome his fear. It’s a great story, but suffice it to say that when you feel that instinctive fear, almost that panic, the physical response of deep, mindful breathing helps tremendously. At this time, you need to take the time to breathe in and out, in and out – feel it with your whole body and concentrate your energies on this. Not only does it calm you down, it increases oxygenation, which is also vital in that situation! Tune in to Soul Manifesto to know more about overcoming your fears, and finding the tranquility, happiness, and success you deserve. Start with this short video.

Namaste my dear friends, Namaste. 

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