Overcome Inertia and Get Back on Your Feet

Getting Back on Your Feet Is Challenging, But It’s OK to Ask for Help

Feeling Shaky, Angry, Apprehensive? You’re Not Alone

So much has changed in the past year – your business, or way of working or studying is different. Cooped up indoors for so long, the way you feel about your family is different. The isolation from the outside world has taken a heavy toll on your wellbeing and on that feeling of normalcy. And you’re not alone! Everyone is dealing with these issues right now and all of us need some help, and that is OK!

We are all feeling a little shaky and angry.

As a spiritual curator and creator of the Soul Manifesto, I would typically have my workshops and my classes in my home and face to face. However, COVID just turned all of that on its head. I could no longer function the way I used to and I literally had to go back to the drawing board. For me, it was like a new frontier and it was natural to feel shaky and unsure at this point. So I sat down, put pen to paper, and literally wrote down a new starting plan; a new set of ideas, and reoriented my mindset towards a new way of thinking.
So ask yourself this – what is your strategic plan? How can you start to function optimally given the changed circumstances and the unique challenges before you? What is your big idea? Is this the time for new learning?

Help is within reach.

It isn’t just your professional life that has changed; your family dynamic is likely to have altered as well. A spouse working from home and kids learning from home may have meant more familial proximity than you needed. We all need our space, after all! The trick is to acknowledge it and reach out for help when you need it. We have a great team of people that can help you relearn and restructure this changed reality.

At soulmanifesto.com, you have access to my weekly sharing community, Soul Talk where seekers congregate to activate a new world of positivity and creativity. We speak about creating positive change and bringing peace via meditation. My 7-Day Reset helps you discover what you really want and identifies the obstacles that prevent you from achieving those goals. I call my program Inevitable U Because I feel that you can actualize your dreams and manifest your hopes. Take that first step towards living your best life, overcoming your fears and your anger. Check out this episode and take that first step towards getting back on your feet.

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