Prayers vs Intention – What’s the Difference

Are Prayers Different from Intention? How?

Do you know how I became a bestselling author? This is an intention I formulated for myself and ritualistically made that intention a part of my every day. Each time I made progress towards achieving that goal, I would tell myself, Alena, I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve done and achieved! It was my own belief in me and the connection I created with the divine universe – you can call it prayer – that made my dreams come true. You can do the same for your desires, dreams, and ambitions. If you believe in yourself, the universe will come together to make it happen for you!

Setting your intention.

My followers and clients often ask me – what is the difference between intention and prayer? Is intention the conversation you have with yourself and prayer the conversation you have with God or the divine universe? Well, that is a good answer and partly correct – intentions and prayer are different in that sense and yet they are similar in many ways as I explain in this episode. So how can you create the reality that you dream for yourself? It can help to develop certain habits and rituals that help you internalize that intention and create a firm resolve. You can set up a vision board that you see each day, which reminds you, motivates you, and firms your resolve each day. You can have a mantra that you intone or even a recording that you replay that repeats the intention and reminds you about how well you’re doing and the progress you’re making.
In psychology, it’s the three Rs that bring about the most effective learning. Recall, Review, and Repetition or Active Recall, Passive Review & Spaced Repetition to be precise. The more you review, repeat, and recall information, the better your quality of learning is. Researchers say that even unsuccessful attempts at recall help to enhance learning. When it comes to intentions, yes, even when there are setbacks.

How the universe helps you achieve your goals.

Prayers are also ritualistic in the way that we say them to our particular God in the way that our religious belief or personal spirituality tells us to. I like to call it the universal divine and I believe completely that the prayer that we send out into the world creates the energy that comes back to us and helps us achieve what we desire. The universe fills in those blank spaces for us!
So, to answer the question – how is intention different from prayer, they are both similar in many ways. Both depend upon certain qualities within you to actually create your success. Whether you’re having conversations with yourself or with the universal divine, there are three brilliant qualities in you that are going to bring you your success. Listen to this short episode to know how intention and prayer are different but similar as well.

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