Who Are You Now Vs. Who You Want to Become?

Who are you right now in comparison with who you want to become?

That can be a difficult question to answer for many reasons. One reason is because no matter what, we are always going to be “ourselves,” right? So it’s almost impossible to imagine ourselves becoming someone else. Another reason is because it can be painful to imagine ourselves being a happier, more successful version of ourselves because it can make us feel like we are doing something wrong because we haven’t gotten there already, or because it seems like getting there is so far away…Join me and watch today’s episode if you understand what I mean.

You certainly aren’t alone. Everyone dreams of a brighter future that holds more love, more money, more family time, more vacation opportunities, and just more of whatever it is that makes you happy. 

The key to making these dreams a reality starts with simple, daily baby steps in the right direction, and then celebrating those baby steps each day. If we view the entire journey all at once, it can seem daunting or discouraging, and our baby steps will seem insignificant and unimportant. That’s how people end up giving up on their dream; they view the journey from the mindset of, “It’s too late,” or “It’s too far away,” or “It’s not happening fast enough, so it’ll probably never happen.” The problem with these mindsets is that they don’t help you, and they can even become true if you start to really believe them.

Watch today’s episode, because I’m going to reveal to you, a different mindset for creating goals and accomplishing them. I’m going to give you a fresh new take on what it means to take the journey of becoming the person you want to be who has the life you want to live. 

You’re never too late, and you might even be closer than you think! That is one of the most amazing things about Spirit; when we just do the footwork, tiny baby steps each day, then we create space for Spirit to step in and advance us in ways we could never have imagined or planned for. So go grab yourself a cup of tea, or whatever beverage you like best for relaxing and rehydrating, and take a little break with me to discuss some POWERFUL ways to begin embracing your journey toward living a life you LOVE. Don’t miss out, check out the episode above, and always remember that love is Spirit and Spirit is love. Namaste

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